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VHS tape transfers are our speciality and based in our Oxford studio in Kidlington UK The DVDs you receive from us will be customized with a printed title, and built to last for a very long time. You can play them in your DVD player, digital projector, or computer all of which you can find at your local electronics emporium with no trouble whatsoever.

We are the local supplier of VHS family tape conversions in Oxfordshire, supplying private clients and other companies with our services to convert and transfer all formats of video tape to DVD or digital files. All orders are checked by our leading digital technicians. Pop into our studio in Kidlington to chat to our friendly staff and view the in-house equipment we use. vhs charity discounts


VHS VHS-C SVHS Tapes Hi8 Digital 8 and Video 8 Tapes Mini DV Tapes Mini DVD Tapes Betamax Tapes Floppy Discs Memory Cards SD Formats Mobile Phones Video Tape Repairs DV Cam Tapes Betacam Tapes NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC

Contact us on 01865 457000 for a competitive quotation or email cheryl@oxfordduplicationcentre.com


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